Axioma – education is even more valuable.

We accommodate educational requirements, examine companies’ needs, analyze skills and abilities, observe the business environment… in order to find SOLUTIONS.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning

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Tools & Contents

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Formazione di legge

Mandatory Training

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Cooking Team

It’s an innovative solution which works both on the educational and motivational levels and makes use of the metaphor of running a restaurant to reproduce the entire customer service process by suggesting, out of context, common teamwork situations...

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Blended Learning

The major influences on our adults’ training classes in terms of effectiveness are both our selection of the most functional teaching methods and our ability to use different learning tools.Making the best use of the tools and methods...

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Axioma LMS

  We believe in collaboration.

  We use Moodle, world leader LMS.

Open Source Open Source

Web Academy e Portals

We can plan or integrate your training school by managing all the classroom and remote learning processes according to the working role, with checks and progress stages that follow the company career development...

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Management Training

The analysis of the organisational environment/framework, maturity level and the following gap with the ideal profile lead to the definition of common and individual improvement paths. These are first tested on a pilot group and then they are developed and extended to all...

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Classroom 3.0 Custom-made Project

The analysis of learning requirements, company needs, starting skills. The analytical capacity and the organisation concept as a whole, make us a valuable partner from the planning stage, that takes into account the learning needs...

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Our Research Building

They don’t represent only a way of sharing knowledge but especially a border territory, a space in which the research and the development in strategic areas are guaranteed...

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A wonderful job.

We create value by training people.

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." (A. Einstein)