Let’s use our e-learning platform according to your needs.
Here is what you can do!


The platform is suitable for delivering operative instructions and video tutorial, highlighting that the use has occurred. This finds application, for example, during the equipment use training or the compliance of the procedures.


To guarantee a continuous updating, a conformity of competences or important information related to day-to-day work. To train promptly those who need it, in case of turn-over, job rotation .


It is possible to archive and organise the company knowledge, over time, in order to promote it and to pass down to functions, roles and departments.


The evaluation systems can be efficaciously supported and integrated with the platform. It is possible to plan and organise set of questions with evaluation and penalty system in order to offer an idea of our know-how, all ensuring accuracy, a trace and limiting potential fraud risks to a minimum.


To share experiences and skills for an appreciated training; to create a real learning community in which, with different roles, every participant can grow individually and professionally.


Being certain of contents fruition throughout a detailed reporting data system that show us time, place and fruition modalities divided by group, roles and costs in order to get statistics on time, used by process tutors.


To spread our unique message, institutional communications, commercial news or operating procedures, to a large number of people in a short time.


Thanks to a credential generation system, it is possible to use the platform to deliver anonymous questionnaires to certain addressees. This allows us to take advantage of this tool for climate analysis and assessment of corporate well-being.